07/01/18 01:27

Just Survive Test Server Patch 2408379

Following the deployment of Just Survive build 2408379 to the test server, 7414 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 105 items.
The following items have been added to the item file...
Elite Explorer Backpack
A Worn Letter
Green Metal Wall
White Metal Wall
Green Metal Roof
White Metal Roof
Green Metal Door
White Metal Door
Green Metal Doorway (Centered)
White Metal Doorway (Centered)
Green Metal Doorway (Offset)
White Metal Doorway (Offset)
Green Metal Gate
White Metal Gate
Green Metal Gateway
White Metal Gateway
Green Metal Shutter
White Metal Shutter
Green Metal Stairs (Left)
White Metal Stairs (Left)
Green Metal Stairs (Right)
White Metal Stairs (Right)
Green Metal Stairs (Straight)
White Metal Stairs (Straight)
Green Metal Support
White Metal Support
Green Metal Parapet
White Metal Parapet
Green Metal Battlement
White Metal Battlement
Green Metal Wall (Windowed)
White Metal Wall (Windowed)
Green Metal Stronghold Recipes
White Metal Stronghold Recipes
Seasoned Survivalist Jacket
Seasoned Survivalist Pants
Seasoned Survivalist Hat
Seasoned Survivalist Armor
Alpine Combat Boots
Alpine Tactical Jacket
Alpine Tactical Pants
Alpine Tactical Gloves
Alpine Tactical Helmet
Alpine Tactical Backpack
Tundra Camo Ghillie Suit
White Winter .44 Magnum
Grizzly Bear Helmet
Mask of the Yeti
White Decorative Lights
White Decorative Lights Recipe
Colorful Decorative Lights Recipe
Colorful Decorative Lights
Avalanche Crate
Standing Brown Bear
Standing Brown Bear Recipe
Stuffed Brown Deer
Stuffed Brown Deer Recipe
Medicine Cabinet
Tundra Wrapped .308 Hunting Rifle
Tundra Wrapped Shotgun
Blue and White Holiday Helmet
Green and Red Holiday Helmet
White Winter M9
Patchwork Rudolph Nose
Pioneer Painting
Friend or Foe Painting
Relaxing at the Park Painting
Sandy Beach Painting
Pleasant Valley Painting
Harrison Dam Painting
Sleepy Puppy Painting
Dark Forest Painting

These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.

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Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.
11/11/17 01:05

JS Test Server Update 9th November 2017

This update adds Badwater Canyon back into the mix - some servers run the classic "Z1" map, and some servers run the Badwater Canyon map. Both servers run the same rulesets, so both maps have free-placement, no raid shields, no Golden Eagle Coins, no safe zones, etc.

This update contains a number of fixes but there are still several known (but not publicized) exploits that we are addressing. Server stability has been greatly improving this week and we will continue to monitor crash reports and address any remaining issues.

*We request that you do not publicly post any exploitable bugs not reported fixed here. Send them to us privately (either via PM on reddit, PM on discord, or as a private ticket on dgcissuetracker.com).* Publicizing exploits doesn't help us fix them quicker than reporting them privately, but it does ensure widespread abuse and makes it harder to punish those who abuse these exploits.

This update won't be ready for live until we have a stable game, running both maps, with all known exploits fixed - but we're getting closer!

Please report any exploits privately so we can ensure this launch is a great experience for all players.

This update includes the following changes and fixes:

  • Badwater Canyon is now available on select PVP and PVE test servers in both US and EU regions
  • Anywhere USA ("Z1") server population caps increased to 140 (the pre-BWC population cap)
  • Fixed an Anywhere USA map exploit
  • Added Ramps to the side of base foundations
  • Base foundation placement can be nudged up or down with shift+mousewheel to raise or lower your first foundation during placement. Later foundations will snap to that height
  • Fixed a number of server stability issues / server crashes causing player disconnects and rollbacks
  • Fixed an issue that was causing shacks to snap to foundations when placed near a foundation
  • Fixed an issue where players would respawn with a duplicate, unplaceable stash kit
  • Fixed an issue where molotovs, gas grenades, and incendiary grenades did not deal damage correctly
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling down through a full loot bag could hide the contents of a future loot bag by maintaining the scroll position
  • Fixed an issue where firefighter respirators did not properly counteract gas weapons
  • Removed durability loss on items when a player dies
  • Increased vehicle capacities by 50%
  • Increased storage capacities by 50%
  • Added an IED item (Crafting Recipe) - this mid-tier explosive presents an alternate explosive weapon crafting path
  • Fixed a Zombie and Wildlife pathing issue that could cause them to move erratically or rubberband
  • Gasser zombies now drop gas grenades on death
  • Exploder zombies now drop frag grenades on death
  • Banshee zombies have a chance to drop a loot cache key and a large amount of cloth on death
  • Removed Ctrl-R reporting function due to abuse. Report cheaters to JustSurviveCheater@daybreakgames.com
  • Fixed a duplication exploit

Known Issues
  • Badwater Canyon only - spawning near a military base will spawn you in the military base
  • Badwater Canyon only - initial character creation spawns aren't randomized properly

Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!

Source: Reddit
11/11/17 01:01

JS Test Server Update 7th November 2017

This patch is just the first patch planned for this week. Late this week we are looking to bring Badwater Canyon to Test - some servers will run Z1 and some will run Badwater Canyon, giving you the choice of maps. This update contains a number of improvements and fixes, as well as some critical anti-cheat updates and exploit fixes.

We request that you do not publicly post any exploitable bugs not reported fixed here. Send them to us privately (either via PM on reddit, PM on discord, or as a private ticket on dgcissuetracker.com). Publicizing exploits doesn't help us fix them quicker than reporting them privately, but it does ensure widespread abuse and makes it harder to punish those who abuse these exploits.

  • Rebalanced Door Locks - doors are now much easier to destroy
  • Added firefighter outfits and firefighter zombies near the fire station
  • Improved NPC pathing and optimization
  • Fixed an issue where knocked down zombies would continue to pursue the player
  • Fixed an issue where zombies could get stuck and not pursue the player
  • Rebalanced hitpoints and damage for Gasser, Exploder, and Banshee alpha zombies
  • Fixed an issue where Gasser and Exploder zombies would not gas/explode correctly on death
  • Base locations for bases you own or have permission on appear on the map
  • Fixed an issue where the respawn map could become unresponsive
  • Removed raid history (deprecated feature) from the Stronghold tab
  • For Streamers - streamer settings now hides kill broadcast / death screen names
  • Fixed an issue where the crossbow wouldn't show correctly in player's hands
  • Fixed a server crash related to NPC navigation
  • Hammer renamed to Demolition Hammer
  • Fixed an issue that caused pure white halos and pure black silhouettes with certain graphics settings
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted player's base would persist in the world without being able to be claimed. Abandoned bases can be claimed by players who discover them and taken as their own.
  • Fixed numerous level geometry bugs
  • Fixed an issue where "Share my server" could not be checked/unchecked
  • Free place objects cannot be placed on/near other player's base foundations without being added to permission
  • On PVE servers, storage built on foundations cannot be accessed by those without permissions ("PVE Raiding")
  • Disabled the /stuck command due to various exploits
  • Fixed an exploit where a builder could prevent placement of enemy explosives by attempting to build
  • Fixed an exploit where players could acquire infinite honeycomb
  • Fixed an exploit where stashes could be hidden under base foundations
  • Fixed an exploit where players could use torches to climb enemy bases
  • Fixed an exploit where players could gain entry to bases via tables
  • NOTE - there are known exploits that we are fixing not included in this list. Don't post how to perform them or ask about them publicly! Use the private methods listed above if you are curious about them or believe you have a new exploit to report
  • Anti-cheat detection, logging, and prevention updates

These issues were fixed with this most recent patch (listed as known issues in the 11/6 update)

  • In PVE, Players who own a base cannot access their storage built on the base. Players with permissions to that base can access the storage on that base
  • Some servers are experiencing some extreme stability issues

Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!

Source: Daybreak Website
11/11/17 12:58

JS Test Server Update 14th September 2017

In the Fall of 2016, we began to assemble a new team that was directed to change and reinvigorate Just Survive. Ultimately, our goal was to challenge the survival genre with a new direction.

We understood that a shift as radical as this could please many fans while being undesirable to others, though we also believed that these changes would bring in new players. On August 15th 2017 we took the first step towards our goal with the release of Badwater Canyon, followed over the course of two months with several substantial updates. Many current and new players embraced these changes, showing agreement with the vision on the horizon, and we thank everyone for that.

In September 2017, the decision was made to move forward with a second shift, but in a far more familiar direction. That shift was developed in parallel with the recent update including Resolution Ridge, and is making its way to the Test Server today. With this new update, we will spend several weeks iterating the large adjustments we’ve made to the core game before this new direction is published to Live. Given the gravity of the changes it is important to test this at scale and get this content in front of our players for feedback as quickly as possible. Bugs and issues are to be expected on the Test Server, as our team will be moving quickly to implement everything below and more. We will be collecting feedback through multiple channels, and you can expect additional information in the weeks to come.

One important note before we get to the changelog for this update is that you may have seen that H1Z1 is planning to remaster Z1. While H1Z1 and Just Survive started from the same base, as development has broadened over the years the two games have become very different from each other, both with regard to what all of you see and experience, and the programming underneath. It’s best to consider each game as a separate entity moving forward.

In this update, you will find the following major changes:

Base Changes:

  • Base Foundations are now free-placeable and snap together
  • Snapped Base Foundations are limited to four per player
  • Players cannot build foundations next to other player’s foundations or inside POIs
  • Component crafting costs have been reduced
  • Component hitpoints and damage resistances have been buffed
  • Wood Components are now impervious to melee weaponry
  • Metal Components are now impervious to melee AND firearms
  • Height limits for Bases have been removed, these are now only governed by Piece limits

Map Updates:

  • The legacy map, “Z1” is now playable on all Test Servers (this is not the H1Z1 remaster)
  • Badwater Canyon is no longer available on Test – it will be available on select Live servers when this update is published to Live
  • Trees, rocks, and cars on Z1 have been updated to use the Badwater Canyon harvesting mechanics
  • Some exploitable map geometry has been fixed

Raiding Changes:

  • Raids are no longer timed
  • Raid Shields have been removed
  • Destruction of Base Components during a raid is now permanent

Gameplay Changes:

  • Players can now choose their respawn location (Z1 Ruleset)
  • Location-specific quest lines return, with updated requirements and loot
  • All tiers of .308 rifles kill in a single headshot through helmets of any quality
  • Military Vendors and Golden Eagle Coins are removed
  • Military Base Snipers and Safe Zones are removed
  • Stronghold & Military Base Spawning are removed
  • Ethanol can be crafted from corn and yeast
  • Gasser zombies return to Just Survive – these noxious zombies burst into a cloud of poison gas on death
  • Banshee zombies return to Just Survive – these deadly zombies have disorienting, zombie-attracting screams
  • Exploder zombies return to Just Survive – these dangerous zombies violently explode upon death

Note that the following improvements made during the transition to Badwater Canyon have been carried through to Z1:

  • Reitemization & loot balancing, including tiered weaponry and armor
  • Combat balance / health and damage values
  • Improved zombie visuals and gameplay
  • Improved anti-cheat countermeasures
  • Improved Shacks and Stashes

The following Known Issues with this build are in active development and do not need to be reported:

  • Free-placed items (ie, punji sticks) cannot be placed near shacks by the owner of the shack
  • The in-game map screen legend is out of date (raids / shields will not show on the map)
  • Your Stronghold and the Strongholds you are associated with do not show on the in-game map
  • Zombies can sometimes get stuck
  • Barricades may not place correctly on certain windows or doors
  • Foundation Icon shows a wooden deck instead of the stone foundation
  • Using the wrong tool to harvest (ie, a crowbar on a rock) will play the harvesting animation
  • Raid History in the Stronghold Tab is non-functional (and will be removed)
  • Additional polish, zombie navigation, and collision updates for Z1
  • Gasser and Exploder zombies may not detonate correctly on death

Source: Daybreak Website
11/11/17 12:52

Just Survive Game Update 21st September 2017

Today we’re bringing a substantial update to Live servers that improves our core feature set, addresses a number of bugs/exploits and incorporates your feedback.

One major note on that last point is that we’ve overhauled Shacks and returned them to the game. This new metal structure is sizeable, sturdy and they can even be decorated! Originally, we anticipated those who had used Shacks would instead leverage the Barricade and Stash mechanics once we transitioned to Badwater Canyon. Though we’ll continue to expand upon and improve those systems (see Metal Barricades in the notes below) your feedback has made clear that you still want Shacks, so now they’re back and better than ever.

This update also yields some major improvements to the Stronghold system. From the outset, we’ve wanted to provide a number of unique Stronghold materials along with items to combat their increasing strength, and today we’re taking another step forward with Metal Stronghold Components. The introduction of Pipe Bombs, Dynamite, and bundles thereof is a game changer, and since Metal Components are fully resistant to melee weapons and have increased resistance against firearms, you’ll need those explosives to make a big dent in upgraded Strongholds.

In addition to adding many new items and recipes to the game, we’ve also made numerous changes to both the loot system and loot balance. Often requested by the community, one of the key changes is a new system that automatically cycles loot over time in an area. This means it is no longer necessary to “recycle” the loot by dumping the unwanted contents on the ground to allow the container to repopulate fully.

These elements are just some of the significant improvements we’ve made to the experience, so we urge you to check out the detailed list below and look forward to seeing the impact they all make when you try them in game.

This update required a server wipe to ensure that key system changes like the auto-cycling loot functioned without error.

The following changes and bug fixes are included in this Just Survive Live Update:

New Items

  • Added Metal Shack (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Metal Shack Door (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Metal Stronghold Components (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Metal Barricade (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Dynamite (Loot and Crafting recipe)
  • Added Dynamite Bundle (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Pipe Bomb (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Weapon Chest (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Ammo Box(Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Freezer (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Tool Chest (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Handcuffs (Loot and Golden Eagle Coin Purchase)

Loot Changes

  • Loot auto-cycles to refresh loot areas
  • Increased the number of available vehicles on the map
  • Player Inventory now allows for Multi-Category Sorting
  • Reduced steel yield from pistols from 5 to 3 to match other weapon bulk
  • Blankets can be salvaged for cloth and twine.
  • Minor balance tuning to firearm and weapon repair kit item caps.
  • Ashes no longer spawn in the world. They can still be obtained as a by-product from burning things.
  • Oil is now a possible drop from vehicle harvesting.
  • Updated wood yield from harvesting trees
  • Wood piles are now destructible objects that yield wood upon destruction (previously they acted as containers)
  • Pallets now yield wood upon destruction
  • Crates now yield wood and sometimes nails upon destruction
  • Barrels now yield nails upon destruction
  • Weapons that break through durability loss now correctly eject their unused ammunition
  • Updated wood loot model to be a jagged plank rather than a log
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Deer Head and Antlers
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Saline
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Wolf Head
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Zombie Head
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Fiber Compress

Zombie and Combat Changes

  • Reduced zombie damage to body armor
  • Zombie damage through armor has a small chance to inflict bleeding
  • Minor bleed now has a chance to heal itself over time
  • Lowered use time for Fiber Compress
  • Improved zombie pathing and behaviors
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were near-invincible while eating corpses
  • Fixed an issue that could cause zombies to be scarce for players

Map Changes

  • Numerous map updates and bug fixes for Pinemill Reservoir, the northeast region of Badwater Canyon
  • Fixed an issue where PVE servers would not properly display the out of bounds messaging
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to bandage themselves after going out of bounds and then returning to the play area
  • Trashie, the Aerial Trash Can, has landed
  • Removed the map item and gave all players permanent map access (default key M)

Construction / Destruction Updates

  • Fixed an issue where base components could be rendered invisible / non-blocking upon respawn, creating holes in bases
  • Fixed an issue where Strongholds from deleted characters wouldn't always be returned to the available Stronghold pool
  • Abandoned Strongholds now correctly revert to unclaimed after 7 days
  • Increased health for many of the Stronghold Utilities and Decorations to avoid accidentally destroying them with a single attack from a high damage melee weapon
  • Fixed an issue where some objects couldn't be placed in front of a doorway
  • Fixed an issue that caused landmines to be destroyed without exploding in certain cases on or near a Stronghold
  • Fixed an issue that could cause traps to fail to trigger for players or zombies
  • Fixed an issue where a stash could be permanently removed if a player built it near a Stronghold and then lost ownership of the Stronghold
  • Ground Tillers can now be picked up
  • Punji sticks now yield the correct amount of wood upon destruction (less than the cost to craft them)
  • Items from recursive destruction and demolition will no longer float
  • Animal traps can now be picked up
  • Workbenches now require you to hold E in order to pick up (previously tapping E would pick them up)
  • Players can no longer pick up an object (like a table) that has items on it. If it has no items, then it may be picked up.

Survival Changes

  • Fixed an issue where stamina could get stuck in a state where it would not regenerate
  • Player now regens health when severely hungry or thirsty (previously these statuses prevented health regeneration)
  • Flashlights now project light farther

Exploit and Griefing Fixes

  • Relocated Military Base spawns so that players can't grief other players with the tent entrances
  • Fixed an issue where airdrops would destroy Stronghold components that they landed on
  • Fixed an exploit where players could stack tables on top of each other indefinitely
  • Ongoing anti-cheat countermeasures

Additional Bug Fixes:

  • Updated physics collisions for vehicles to reduce the possibility of an instantaneous death caused by a multi-frame collision stacking damage each frame
  • Several skin updates and fixes for various items
  • Fixed an issue where a party leader's party UI would remain after they disbanded the party
  • Fixed an issue where the hover text for a crafting recipe wouldn't show the rarity correctly

Source: Daybreak Website
10/11/17 07:36

Just Survive Test Server Patch 2272484

Following the deployment of Just Survive build 2272484 to the test server, 2333 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 159 items.
The following items have been added to the item file...
Chain Door Lock
Spiked Pipe
Metal Shack Door
.44 Magnum 18-K
.44 Magnum Viper
Alpine-R Shotgun
Boomstick X-12 Shotgun
Bowie Knife
Double Bit Axe
Camouflage Helmet
M1911 Black Hawk
Cavalry Sabre
R380 Thunder-5
R380 DZ-Tec
Glass x2
Blue Football Helmet
Cricket Bat
Wood Barricade
Metal Barricade
Black Workboots
Pleasant Valley Firefighter Respirator
Ranchito Taquito Firefighter Respirato
Pleasant Valley Firefighter Parka
Ranchito Taquito Firefighter Parka
Pleasant Valley Firefighter Pants
Ranchito Taquito Firefighter Pants
Improvised Explosive Device

These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.
Shack Metal Shack
Syringe of H1Z1 Infected Blood Syringe of H1Z1 Infected Blood
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
A Worn Letter A Worn Letter
Emergency Crank Radio Walkie Talkie
Vial of H1Z1 Reducer Vial of H1Z1 Reducer
Cracked Clipboard Cracked Clipboard
Caroline's Handwritten Report Caroline's Handwritten Report
Empty Anti-viral Bottle Empty Anti-viral Bottle
Doctor's File Doctor's File
File 1902 File 1902
Weich's Report Weich's Report
Dead Phone Dead Phone
Charged Phone Charged Phone
Weak Cellphone Battery Weak Cellphone Battery
Torn Radiology Letterhead Torn Radiology Letterhead
A Crumpled Note A Crumpled Note
A Small Key A Small Key
Empty Specimen Bag Empty Specimen Bag
Infected Brain Infected Brain
Treated Brain Treated Brain
Locker Key F1 - 207 Locker Key F1 - 207
Locker Key F2 - 122 Locker Key F2 - 122
Locker Key F3 - 591 Locker Key F3 - 591
Locker Key F4 - 301 Locker Key F4 - 301
Identified Anti-viral Bottle Identified Anti-viral Bottle
Airdrop Code Airdrop Code
Weich's Wallet Weich's Wallet
Part of a Coded Message Part of a Coded Message
Airdrop Code Airdrop Code
AR-15 Carbine 556 AR-15 Governor
Hammer Demolition Hammer

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Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.
15/09/17 01:55

Handcuffs Making A Return Soon

Handcuffs have been optimized & return with the next update. Perfect for dealing with dangerous strangers or special friends. #rp

Source: Twitter
10/09/17 11:06

Metal Stronghold Pieces Preview

The new Metal Stronghold pieces are coming along nicely. Hoping to push them to Test Servers next week! @PlayJustSurvive

Source: Twitter
20/08/17 05:55

Just Survive Test Server Patch 2032796

Following the deployment of Just Survive build 2032796 to the test server, 8755 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 208 items.
The following items have been added to the item file...
Spiked Zombie Torso
Spiked Zombie Head
Zombie Head
Zombie Torso
Deer Antlers
Wolf Head
Deer Head

$0.31 - $0.53

Spiked Zombie Head Recipe
Red Wood Door
Red Wood Doorway (Centered)
Red Wood Doorway (Offset)
Red Wood Gate
Red Wood Gateway
Red Wood Roof
Red Wood Shutter
Red Wood Stairs (Left)
Red Wood Stairs (Right)
Red Wood Stairs (Straight)
Red Wood Support
Red Wood Wall
Red Wood Parapet
Red Wood Battlement
Red Wood Wall (Windowed)
Blue Wood Door
Blue Wood Doorway (Centered)
Blue Wood Doorway (Offset)
Blue Wood Gate
Blue Wood Gateway
Blue Wood Roof
Blue Wood Shutter
Blue Wood Stairs (Left)
Blue Wood Stairs (Right)
Blue Wood Stairs (Straight)
Blue Wood Support
Blue Wood Wall
Blue Wood Parapet
Blue Wood Battlement
Blue Wood Wall (Windowed)
Wood Table
Deer Head Bust
Rustic Snowshoes
Camping Cot

$27.95 - $48.90

Red Wood Stronghold Recipes

$15.00 - $28.99

Blood Drinker 12GA Pump Shotgun

$32.20 - $38.89

Blood Drinker Hunting Rifle

$1.55 - $2.67

Blood Drinker M1911

$15.00 - $34.26

Blue Wood Stronghold Recipes

$1.07 - $2.17

Woodland Kaiser Helmet

$1.04 - $1.56

Woodland Adder Military Backpack
Skull Campfire

$2.30 - $2.93

Skull Campfire Recipe
Throne of Guns

$26.00 - $36.65

Throne of Guns Recipe

$0.16 - $0.47

Blood Drinker Jacket

$0.20 - $0.40

Blood Drinker Helmet
Preserved Zombie Head

$0.26 - $0.43

Preserved Zombie Head Recipe
Deer Antler Chandelier

$0.69 - $1.01

Deer Antler Chandelier Recipe
Banner: Keep Out

$0.09 - $0.25

Banner: Keep Out Recipe
Wolf Head Bust

$0.13 - $0.32

Wolf Head Bust Recipe
Zombie Gravestone

$0.05 - $0.14

Zombie Gravestone Recipe
Carved Wood Duck

$0.06 - $0.20

Carved Wood Duck Recipe
Doormat: Go Away

$0.11 - $0.24

Doormat: Go Away Recipe
Banner: Feels Bad Man

$0.06 - $0.20

Banner: Feels Bad Man Recipe
Banner: No Vacancy

$0.12 - $0.25

Banner: No Vacancy Recipe
Banner: Get Rekt

$0.08 - $0.16

Banner: Get Rekt Recipe
Woodland Rattler Jacket

$3.36 - $3.88

Spiked Zombie Torso Recipe
Bear Hide Rug

$0.27 - $0.73

Bear Hide Rug Recipe
Hideout Crate
Simple Rug
Zombie Guts

These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.
Gunpowder x5 Gunpowder
Animal Hide Bear Hide
Door (Wood) Wood Door
Doorway - Centered (Wood) Wood Doorway (Centered)
Doorway - Offset (Wood) Wood Doorway (Offset)
Stairs - Left (Wood) Wood Stairs (Left)
Gate (Wood) Wood Gate
Gateway (Wood) Wood Gateway
Stairs - Straight (Wood) Wood Stairs (Straight)
Roof (Wood) Wood Roof
Wall - Short (Wood) Wood Parapet
Window Shutter (Wood) Wood Shutter
Wall (Wood) Wood Wall
Wall - Windowed (Wood) Wood Wall (Windowed)
Support (Wood) Wood Support
Wall - Short Notched (Wood) Wood Battlement
Stairs - Right (Wood) Wood Stairs (Right)
Gunpowder x5 Gunpowder

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Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.
19/08/17 12:50

JS Game Update 8th August 2017

JS Live has been updated and wiped.

  • Added the first region of Badwater Canyon, Pine Mill Reservoir.
  • Players now spawn in the military base, a safe environment protected by snipers.
  • Players can now sell items for Golden Eagle Coins to Corporal Moran in the military base.
  • Players can now purchase basic items and tools for Golden Eagle Coins in the military base near Corporal Moran.
  • Added Strongholds to the game.
  • Stronghold plots can be purchased with Golden Eagle Coins at their location. Modular base components can be crafted and built on a purchased Stronghold plot.
  • Strongholds can be raided by other players, triggering a Stronghold raid. At the end of the raid, the defending base will rebuild and be shielded for 1 hour, protecting it from further raids as well as NPCs.
  • Loot has been completely re-itemized, with dozens of new items and a tiered, color coded rarity system to easily identify valuable items.
  • Crafting has been overhauled with many new recipes and crafting ingredients.
  • The Discovery tab has been removed, as players no longer need to discover recipes.
  • Combat has been completely re-balanced, with multiple tiers of each weapon classification with different stats.
  • Healing items, medicine, and consumables have been re-balanced.
  • Body sim updated to provide a more consistent experience.
  • Barricades can now be placed on cabin doors and windows to fortify locations for players.
  • Added new fortifications and traps that players can use to fortify Strongholds and barricaded POIs.
  • Improved car and tree harvesting, and added rock harvesting with the new pickaxe tool.
  • Revamped the Player stash - the player stash is an embedded lockbox that is invisible to all players beyond a few meters. It will be marked on your map when placed.
  • Added several decoration recipes for players to use to decorate their Stronghold, including a functional bed.
  • Stronghold utilities (storage, barbecues, workbenches, etc) and traps can be picked up by pressing and holding E.
  • Players are now limited to 4 characters per account.
  • Traps now ignore friendly targets - if on a Stronghold, they don't trigger for anyone with permissions. In world, they don't trigger for their owner.
  • Stronghold utilities and other free-place items can now be destroyed on PVE when placed outside a Stronghold to prevent griefing.
  • Wrenches no longer spawn in PVE servers to prevent vehicle hoarding.
  • Increased repair amount for wrenches in PVP.
  • Campfires now drop their contents after being destroyed.
  • Zombies no longer pick up the contents of a dead player's loot bag.
  • Reduced zombie clumping for the net result of fewer zombies spawning immediately near a player.
  • Reduced zombie damage to player owned vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where player corpses attracted a very large number of zombie spawns.
  • Updated the airdrop ticket ruleset.
  • Updated numerous text prompts throughout the game for clarity and accuracy.
  • Server population now displays numerically.
  • Added a multi-sell/multi-salvage option for stacks of items.
  • Inventory is now sortable by Name, Bulk, Category, Rarity, and Sell Price.
  • Removed Proximity Container Crafting and Proximity Container Searching.
  • Weapons and tools at 20% durability turn red in the equipped hotbar.
  • Added a search bar to the crafting tab.
  • Updated UI to make the inventory slightly larger visually.
  • Updated UI to make crafting screen larger so fewer names get cut off.
  • Group members now render in matching colors for HUD indicator chevrons, nameplates, and outlines.
  • Being added to permissions now has a confirmation for the permission receiver. If someone adds you to their permissions, a confirmation will pop up on your screen.
  • Removed radio tab from the UI – radios will return in a future update.
  • Placing objects no longer causes the object to pulse during placement, which could cause placement errors.
  • Vehicle health bar shows during vehicle repair.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't swap an equipped weapon for one in your inventory of the same type.
  • Fixed an issue where the red killer outline would persist on the killer after the victim respawned.
  • Unlocked and Locked crates now show in the top of the player inventory.
  • Updated loading screen tips.
  • Added keybind under the settings menu for first person / third person toggle (default T).
  • Fixed an issue with the UI toggle function not working. Now you can press Ctrl-F10 to toggle the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where quick attack was hardcoded to a key despite no longer being an intended feature / available to keybind.
  • Fixed "snaking" exploit.
  • Fixed some animation conflicts that could cause issues similar to "snaking".
  • Fixed "drone" exploit.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where players, zombies and other NPCs could be rendered invisible to certain players.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could punch trees to harvest them.
  • Fixed an additional navigation exploit involving "sit" functionality.
  • Fixed an exploit where certain emotes could be used to clip the camera through a wall.
  • Fixed an exploit where emotes could be spammed to fast harvest items.
  • Cars are no longer infinitely harvestable.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could be boosted while their engine was off, draining their gas.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be erroneously kicked out of an empty vehicle after entering it.
  • Fixed an issue where players jumping on bases would sometimes be killed by bad collision intersections with the roof.
  • Fixed an issue where using a weapon didn't break auto-run.
  • New and improved time of day lighting.
  • Weather updates.
  • Fixed the long-distance player LOD from not blending with distance fog correctly (ie, far away people are no longer dark black silohouettes against the grey fog).
  • Added player on fire animation.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items/weapons (mostly melee weapons) would not render in first person.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles would fall through Stronghold components.
  • Fixed an issue where recursively destroyed storage would have its loot float in the air, it now drops as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where there would be a delay before you could fire after swapping weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where mashing the zoom on hunting rifles could cause the camera to get stuck behind the scope.
  • Fixed numerous client Crash to Desktop scenarios.
  • Fixed numerous server crash and disconnect scenarios.
  • Significant performance optimizations for both client and server.
  • Significant overhaul and upgrade to client side anticheat protection.
  • Significant overhaul and upgrade to server side anticheat protection.
  • Significant overhaul and upgrade to detection and banning heuristics.
  • New Just Survive specific cheating report e-mail: JustSurviveCheater@Daybreakgames.com.
  • Increased Customer Service staffing with improved response times.

A tremendous amount of work went into this game update, you can read our complete list of changes and fixes here.

Source: Reddit
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