25/04/15 01:44

Hotfix Saturday Morning

We will be bringing the servers offline at 3AM tonight for approximately 2 hours to fix the following issues:
  • Doors and locks will now respond as intended
  • Zombies will attack you in PvE
  • Bee box collision and interaction have been fixed
  • Vehicle turbo has been fixed
If you would like to try out the fixes for yourself, this build of the game is currently on the Test Server. Thank you for your reports and patience.

Source: Reddit
25/04/15 02:03

25th April 2015

  • [Map] - Added the functionality back in to "Clear All Markers"
24/04/15 11:24

Daybreak General Maintenance 27/04/2015

Attention players: we will perform a general maintenance beginning at 7:00AM PDT* on Monday, April 27th. The current estimated downtime for this maintenance is three to five hours, depending on the service.

This maintenance may impact the following Daybreak services across all games:
  • Commerce functions, including purchases, for all games
  • Game logins
  • Web logins for all Daybreak sites, including account creation
  • Forum access (login, posting, and viewing abilities) for all Daybreak games.
Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

~The Team at Daybreak

24/04/15 09:00

Game Update Notes 24/4

We are patching tomorrow morning at 3AM with a downtime of 2 hours.

Release Notes
  • Night vision goggles now available
  • Added HE Grenades to the game.
  • Known Issue: Grenades will not collide with players or zombies yet, nor will they break through windows.
  • Explosive barrels are more reactive now to bullets and there no longer a delay from their initial explosion to killing nearby survivors/NPCs.
  • Molotov Cocktail is now much more responsive and less prone to crashing clients when burning hordes of zombies alive… dead.
  • Resolved various animation and timing issues with the Molotov cocktail.
  • Resolved Molotov cocktail may not trigger 100% of the time when NPC’s / players enter the ring of fire.
  • Only players in your group can build on your foundations / placed structures. This includes placeable objects like furnaces that were being used to grief other players.
  • PCs now provide opportunities for zombies to feed when they die.
Inspect restrained inventory:

When you handcuff a player you can now go through their inventory and take things, their stuff shows up in the proximity pane.

NOTE: Equipped items are not in the list yet, but will be in a future update.

Steam Friends:

Blue means they are online Green means they are in H1Z1

Right click for context menu:

Message – open steam overlay and send a message to this person Profile - open steam overlay and view this persons steam profile

And if they are on a server but not BR: Join Server – log into server that this person is currently on.

Moved character create from server select screen to it's own screen. This is where character customizations such as male/female, face types, hair, etc. checkbox added to server select screen to share your server with your steam friends

H1Z1 Virus - First Pass

You will now be able to contract the H1Z1 virus from zombies. Survivors have a natural immunity against the virus, but this immunity is weakened the more it is exposed to zombie attacks. Currently only zombie attacks reduce this immunity but other means can be introduced in the future based on feedback from the community. Survivors can bypass this immunity and give themselves H1Z1 via extracted infected blood. NOTE: Current implementation of the extracted infected blood syringe allows you to use it on yourself only! You cannot use it on other players. This will change in the near future.

There are multiple stages to the H1Z1 virus once you have contracted it. The virus may not be as noticeable at first but as you advance to higher stages you will begin to feel its affects.

Once you have the virus, you have it for life. Only death or respawning will remove it. Each stage slowly progresses on its own but there are other means to push the virus forward or backwards depending on your actions or items you use.

Stage Progression:

Minor Stage
  • Slight damage over time
Advanced Stage
  • Minor damage over time
  • Survivor will occasionally cough. This can be heard by other survivors and may attract nearby wildlife or zombies.
  • (Non-PvE only)Zombies will no longer target you. However, attacking a zombie will cause it to attack back.
Severe Stage
  • Moderate damage over time
  • No longer coughing
  • (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
  • Max movement speed slightly reduced
  • Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you. Eating/Drinking them does nothing for you but upset your stomach, causing you to cramp up. Continued eating will cause you to vomit. You must feed from dead players, wildlife or zombies to restore Energy and Hydration.
  • Fresher corpses restore more to each resource and restore a little bit of health. Depending on what is you feed on determines the amount you restore. Bears offer the most while rabbits offer the least. Feeding on zombies will slightly progress your H1Z1 virus.
  • You will be able to feed off corpses a maximum of 2 times.
  • Survivor Tracking: Survivors at this stage of the virus may notice a gaseous effect in the world. This effect means that a survivor was in that spot recently. You can use these markers in attempt to track down other survivors. Survivors at this stage do not leave a marker themselves. Survivors also do not leave a marker if they are inside a vehicle.
Deadly Stage
  • Severe damage over time
  • Zombie Vision - First Pass - Currently we have simple color grading in as the first pass. You might see some of this effect happening as soon as the Advanced stage but it will become more apparent at this stage. We will continue to add more features and improve this vision in future patches.
  • (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
  • Max movement speed slightly reduced
  • Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you.
  • Survivor Tracking
Other related notes

All-in-One Cold medicine slightly reduces your H1Z1 virus. Antibiotics reduces it a little more. Hyperpheron greatly reduces the virus Immunity Boosters and Multi-Vitamins boost H1Z1 immunity to help prevent you from contracting the virus. This is bypassed completely if you use extracted infected blood on yourself. Guts will appear at dead survivors around the abdomen of the body after it has stopped its rag doll. Survivors with severe stages of H1Z1 will have the option to feed on the corpses of wildlife, zombies and the newly spawned guts from dead survivors.

Known Issues: There is supposed to be a progression bar on your vitals. Once you have H1Z1, this won't appear unless you log out and come back in.

Source: Reddit
23/04/15 12:17

23rd April 2015

  • [Website] Fixed a bug that prevented the banner being removed for sponsors.
23/04/15 11:10

The Heat System and Managing Zombie Agro

Source: tygersthunder on Reddit

So myself and a friend did quite a bit of testing yesterday and found some VERY useful things. (Mind you that these quantities are only assigned values and not code)

  1. Zombies will NOT aggro on a player if they are prone. Including actively crawling, touching the zombie, and firing a bow.
  2. Zombies will not aggro on a prone player that shoots an adjacent zombie in the head with a bow.
  3. Zombies that are nearly hit or only injured will aggro. This becomes a big issue due to it being very challenging to kill the aggroed zombie without crouching.
  4. Important note Zombies will disregard almost all heat levels to attack "deer bladder". Sometimes even allowing you to stand next to one and loot bags! (Credit to "Zero")

I have found the best way to explain the aggro system is like this:

The devs have said there is a "Heat" aggro system. Lets just use that term. While crawling the player has a Lvl 1 heat. The player crouches. His heat level becomes higher, to a level 3. Zombies in a small radius now detect the player. the player tries to crouch-walk away and is now a level 4 heat Ect.

Determination of heat levels:

Level 1: Prone (Moving and still)
Level 2: Firing a bow while prone
Level 3: Crouching
Level 4: Crouch walking
Level 5: Standing
Level 6: Standing and moving
Level 7: Firing a gun
Level 8: Setting off explosives

What detects specific values of heat:

Level 1: Close proximity Wolves Close proximity Bears
Level 2: Zombies directly effected by your bow shot (near miss or injured)
Level 3: Zombies in a small proximity around the payer area
Level 4: Zombies in a Med proximity.
Level 5: Zombies in a large proximity.
Level 6: Zombies in a large proximity. (Mostly indistinguishable from 5)
Level 7+: Zombies reach Critical Mass at this point. The size of the Mob and the Actions taken to defend against the mob cause more zombies to be attracted and the mob either grows in mass or is sustained.

Mitigating heat- What we have found is that the way to combat the heat system with this many zombies is to always keep your heat in mind so that the amount of heat generated can be gradually reduced if it is brought to high. Some of you may ask, "HELP! I cant mitigate heat because I need to use a high heat creation method to temporarily escape/survive." The trick is to only use the high heat method until you can do multiple heat dropping techniques together to drastically reduce your heat.

For example: get distance- Ok heat drop Crouching - Ok heat drop getting distance and crouching- Big heat drop

What I have found to be effective is the following: Get as much distance as possible, Break line of sight, crouch, further break line of sight, prone, kill the last remaining aggroed stragglers with a bow. I have only accomplished a 100% heat reduction a couple times and it takes place in VERY specific circumstances. I had a massive horde chasing me. I entered a residential area and ran through a house. I exited the house and jumped a fence. I then ran into another house, crouched and closed the door. exited the back door of that house and crouch-walked through the backyard, a hole in the fence, across the next yard and into the house. I closed the door, proned and crawled out the front of the house.

The theory being: Sprinting= heat level 6 broke LOS= Heat level 5 (Lost some of the horde) Jumped fence= Heat level back to 6 but the AI caused the zoms to run AROUND the fence instead of over it creating alot of distance heat level approximately 5 Broke LOS again and crouched= heat level 3-4 more distance and more LOS breaking= heat 2-3 last LOS break and prone= heat level 1

Lastly, rules to remember. A Zom aggroed will not lose aggro without at least 1 of 4 things: breaking LOS, distance, distraction, or death (Yours or theirs). Animals will only lose aggro upon death (Yours or theirs). If all else fails. Log out. Insta-100%-aggro drop.

TL:DR Move slow to avoid aggro. Once you get it, act like you are running from a cop to lose it. Log out if necessary.

Edited to add deer bladder info.
22/04/15 03:00

22nd April 2015

  • [Map] - Updated the terrain to accommodate changes in the game
  • [Map] - Updated the road layer to accommodate new road layout
  • [Website] - Added a 'what uses this' section to the view item page
22/04/15 10:28

Concepts for the Kurama Health and Medical Research Facility

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1 has tweeted some additonal concept screenshots of the Kurama Health and Medical Research Facility. Looks great so far.

Source: Twitter
21/04/15 01:29

21st April 2015

  • Map render speed improved by 500%, now capable of displaying thousands of POI with minimal performance hit.
  • Total redesign of our road name and place name layers
  • Google map style approach to labeling road names which follow the road path (screenshot)
  • Roads names and place text now fully supported across all 9 levels of zoom (screenshot)
  • POI Icon grouping, no need to spam the upper layers with lots of lower level details
  • Redesign of map icons
  • Implemented a separate BR POI layer which can be toggled (screenshot)
  • Vehicle Spawn Locations (50 added so far)
  • Key POI location drops (community driven updated over time) - Weapons, Ammo, First Aid, Wearables, Backpacks
  • BR Grid Renders quicker using new map optimisations.
  • New commands added for item lookups and item usage
  • Framework implemented to allow copying of keywords from in game chat to activate functions on the site map.
  • Command *craft=<item name>* - a popup will appear on your map giving details of the craft requirements.
  • Command *closepopup* - simple command to remove the craft popup and return to your map.
    All performed from within game onto your second screen / mobile or tablet, no tabbing required.
18/04/15 02:18

Test Server is now Live

If you purchased H1Z1, you should now be able to download the new Test Server. You will see it in your Steam library directly under H1Z1. We will be using this Test Server to have you help us QA our builds before we push them to Live. Think of it as Early Early Access.

With your help we should be able to push out much more stable builds. Keep an eye on Reddit and Twitter for when we push a new build to the Test Server and what is going onto it.

Participating in the Test Server is totally on a volunteer basis but the more people who do test a build, the better it will be. Thanks in advance for the people who want to participate.

Source: Reddit
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